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SIA KMR Business reg. no.53603071411, the sauna complex owned by, "Sarma No. 123", Baldones parish, Baldones county, LV-2125, is a sauna complex, the use of which requires a person's physical effort and activity. Visitors must comply with the rules of internal order in order not to pose a threat to life and health, as well as material damage to themselves and the company.


All visitors, regardless of age, must follow the rules of the recreation complex.


If the visitor damages his health, endangers his own and other people's lives, suffers losses or causes losses to third parties, due to non-compliance with these rules, or by ignoring the instructions of employees, the company is not responsible.


The visitor carefully familiarizes himself with these rules before visiting the recreation complex, and undertakes to comply with them while receiving the service, confirming it with a signature.



I Visiting the sauna complex


  1. the visitor makes a prepayment for the reserved time before visiting the recreation complex, having previously familiarized himself with the internal rules of the recreation complex;

  2. payment for the recreation complex confirms that the visitor has familiarized himself with the visitor rules and undertakes to comply with them;

  3. a visitor who is younger than 18 years of age presents an identity document (passport, student card, etc.) when paying for the visit;

  4. children under the age of 18 can visit the recreation complex only in the presence of parents or adults and are under the strict supervision of these persons. The adult must be at least 18 years old and must take responsibility for the behavior of the children entrusted to him;

  5. The Bath complex is not responsible for the belongings left or lost in the Bath complex


II  Exceptions to visiting the sauna complex:

1. The sauna complex is not suitable for visiting and it is strictly FORBIDDEN to visit:

  • persons with fever, conjunctivitis, skin diseases or other contagious diseases, open wounds, bandages or other illnesses that threaten or may threaten the life and health of other visitors;

  • for persons with impaired health (cardiovascular diseases, runny nose, head injuries, etc.);

  • persons under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or other intoxicating substances;

2. the visit to the recreation complex may be denied to a person whose visit may threaten the order, safety and hygienic condition of the recreation complex and/or whose behavior is contrary to moral or socially accepted rules of behavior

III The use of the common bath room:

  1. before entering the Sauna room, the visitor must take a shower;

  2. The sauna complex does not take responsibility for accidents, injuries and other reasons that have arisen as a result of the visitor's carelessness or non-observance of these rules;

  3. the visitor bears responsibility and covers losses incurred by the Bath complex or third parties due to non-observance of internal rules of procedure;


IV General safety rules of the sauna complex:


  1. Beware of slippery floors in the sauna room and anteroom;

  2. Be careful with throwing the spirit on the stones of the sauna stove, as the steam can cause scalding.

  3. Do not touch the oven stones, they are hot and can cause burns.

  4. When relaxing in a company, it is advisable to choose a leader who would follow from time to time, if someone is not forgotten in the barn!

  5. Remember that dizziness occurs quite often in the sauna, so be kind and don't be shy to give a hand to the person climbing out of the lava! Dizziness also occurs when cooling down after a sauna, so don't go to the swimming pool alone!

  6. Paying attention when entering and exiting the water body and climbing the water body stairs.

  7. A temperature of 95ºC is critical for casting the spirit! The optimum whipping temperature is 60 ºC, so throw the spirit carefully!

  8. Be careful when going up and down the stairs, climbing with your face towards the stairs.

  9. Do not hang over the railing of an open window.


V Eating habits before visiting a sauna or a sauna ritual:


  1. Drink a lot of water on the previous and ritual day, because we lose a lot of fluid in the body when we sweat;

  2. The day before the ritual, it is recommended not to eat meat products and anything that fills the stomach and causes a feeling of heaviness.


VI The following are prohibited in the sauna complex:


  1. bring in alcoholic beverages;

  2. smoke;

  3. shouting, whistling, running and pushing, which can cause injury to yourself and others, as well as calling for help unnecessarily;

  4. damage the equipment, objects and other inventory belonging to the sauna complex;

  5. spit on the floor and in water, defecate in unexpected places;

  6. contaminate the water and sauna complex with inappropriate liquids (for example, soap, shampoo, alcohol and any other type of liquid and substances);


VII Visitors' liability and fines:


  1. a fine for damaging the inventory of the sauna complex - depending on the damage caused;

  2. fine for intentional pollution of water bodies and sauna complex EUR 70.00.



Remember, you yourself are responsible for your own safety and that of other visitors!

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